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Fleet Management Portal

Making Fleet EASY For Your Businesses

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With the ever increasing prices of vehicles organizations are under pressure to utilize their fleet more efficiency and elongate the useful life 95% percent of fleet managers see the need to have a fleet management system to help increase functionality productivity and make smart decisions about the fleet managing a fleet of vehicles without proper records can deter good decision making and increased profit introducing fleet track fleet management application fleet track FMP is web based solution that is easily accessible through the fleet track FMP url it requires no extra necessities such as server acquisition and maintenance and other deployment costs it conveniently caters for five to five thousand vehicles on a fleet.
Fleet track FMP spans across Acquisition, Maintenance, Trip Management, Fueling, Accident Records, Vehicle Challans and reporting it provides total transparency control and prompt alerts to aid in optimizing your fleet operations. fleet track FMP comes with unique industry winning features that sets the standard for fleet management solutions it just intuitively packed in modules that puts you miles ahead of the competition having to manage your fleet is one of the main sources of expenditure in an organization after acquisition regular maintenance is required for longevity and productivity every organizations financial goal is to spend less earn more yet to keep operational standards high.


Vehicle Registration Insurance Company Registration
Mechanic / Vender Registration Driver Registration
Driver Driving Licenses Smart Dashboard
Country City
Department Designation
Employee Division
Vehicle Type Vehicles Handover
Vehicles Fueling Vehicles Yearly Insurance Policy
Traffic Challans Vehicle Accidents
Work Order Bill Payment
Vehicles Return Advance Reports